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Winning The Battles Of Life

Sometimes it looks like things will never change in your life.  It seems like you are trapped in your situation.  But the Christian life is a life of faith and we have to trust God even when we don't understand God.  We have to hang on to God and His Word like never...

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God Will Invade Your Storm!

The plans God has for you are good and not evil-to give you a HOPE and a FUTURE.  That's God's promise and nothing can keep you from your destiny. The things that happened to you as a child, the negative words spoken over you, that broken relationship cannot stop the...

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God Is About To Elevate You!

When the Apostle Paul was building a fire in Acts 28, a snake tried to attach itself to him.  Every one around thought he would swell up and die, but Paul did not panic.  He simply shook the serpent off and God spared his life.  I have learned that there are things...

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