Know this, however: Once you find your appointment, your assignment can still change. That’s why we must be willing to listen for God and move on to the next assignment. That’s a part of fulfilling your destiny.

For seventeen years, I served my mother and father at Lakewood Church. While my brother, Joel, was working in the television department, I was the director of ministries. That was my assignment, and I gave it my very best.

In 1999, my assignment changed. Our beloved Daddy died and went to be with the Lord. Not only was that event so hard for me because I lost my Daddy, but I also lost my boss, my mentor, and my pastor. For the first week after his death, I thought, What am I going to do now? As a church, we were venturing into the unknown. Who will be the pastor? What will my position be? Will people continue to attend church? It was all so different now.

The next Sunday, Joel stepped up and decided to preach. We were ecstatic. Before Joel walked onto the platform, he was sitting on the front row where our Daddy always sat. I was sitting behind him and leaned up to tell him something, just like I had done many times with our father.

In that instant, God impressed upon me: Just as you served your Father, I am transitioning you now to serve your brother.

The words were so real, God’s plan so real, that I felt this surge of joy. I suddenly saw how God had something more in store all along. My assignment wasn’t over. It just changed. In the way that I had supported my father, I could now support my brother. In the days ahead, I began to speak at the Wednesday services on a regular basis and help in new areas. When I had been concerned about the changes, God had something greater ahead for me. That’s why we must be flexible and willing to make changes as God directs us.

Excerpt from You Are Made For More!