The struggle’s as old as time and maybe because of the very nature of realizing a dream. The path is never easy, never smooth. There are sure to be dark places, dips and pits. Remember Joseph in the Old Testament, whose brothers stole his coat, threw him into a pit to die, then sold him into slavery? Joseph’s dreams were what got him there. His brothers had even taken to calling him a dreamer and were jealous of his dreams and that beautiful coat their father gave his favorite son.

Like us, when a dream seems over before it’s even begun, Joseph could have just seen the darkness of the pit. He could have believed his hopes had been forsaken. But, just as for us, God had more in mind.

Of course Joseph could no more see that than we can in those dark, lonely, sad pits of our lives. He was sold into slavery and could have given up on his hopes, his dreams. But something kept him going. Something made him refuse to give up on his dreams.

It wasn’t the worth someone else put on him. Joseph’s brothers had sold him into slavery for only eight ounces of silver. They didn’t put much value on Joseph. But somehow Joseph knew God valued him. Somehow, with nothing else to count on, Joseph counted on God finding him precious when no one else did.

It was probably a struggle to believe on those long, hard days of serving as a slave. But Joseph chose to believe God cared and had a plan for his life. You might feel enslaved by a circumstance right now, but you have that choice too, the choice to believe God cares. God sees. God is working things out for that grand, flourishing finish he has in store.

Joseph kept dreaming his dreams, and he kept serving faithfully, steadily, until one day he left prison, never to return. One moment he was in prison and the next moment he was second in command. Do you see how God works? Opening another door is exactly what God did for Joseph and that’s exactly what he will do for you.

Excerpt from You Are Made For More!