As a 20-year-old, Kevin worked hard weekdays and on weekends partied with friends. He believed in goodness and decency. He was living life to the fullest. Or so he thought.

Something was missing, but he wasn’t sure what. He just knew he didn’t want to remain in the same cycle of work-work-work-and-party-on-weekends. Something inside told him that he was made for more than that.

Kevin hadn’t attended church much in his life, but a friend told him about Jesus for the first time and Kevin wanted to know more. He bought a Bible and began to sleep with it under his pillow. Having the Bible near gave Kevin comfort, though he couldn’t explain why. Sometimes he would fall asleep with that Bible held tightly to his chest. During this time, he began to attend the only church familiar, but recognized quickly that he could not relate to anything being said or done.

Later some friends told Kevin that he could know God like a friend—and God had an amazing plan for every person’s life. This was what Kevin was looking for, not ritual or religion but relationship with the one who made him, and made him for a purpose.

If someone had told me that grabbing a Bible and sleeping with it could lead to a passionate relationship with God, I might not have believed it. But God works in amazing ways to get us to our destiny. He can use a Bible under the pillow just like he can use a friend and that ache for more inside each of us.

Today Kevin serves Lakewood Church. When he tells this story, I still marvel because I see how God prepared my husband for me. Kevin is the husband I prayed for as a young woman, the husband who would not just want to live a life for himself, but be a blessing to others.

Know today that God created you on purpose and for a purpose. It is through a relationship with Jesus Christ that you find your true destiny.

Excerpt from “You Are Made For More!”, Chapter 2