You may not see how any of those things you are believing for can come about because they haven’t, no matter how hard you’ve tried to work for them to happen. But God can change what you cannot. He will turn your disappointments around and lead you into the bright future he has prepared for you. He will take the “dis” and give you an appointed story or message or mission.

Sometimes we go through things that we don’t understand today, but we will understand better in the future. God may reveal it or we will be able to look back and see God’s wisdom and hand in our life. We will see that he was directing our steps all along. We don’t always know what’s best for our lives, but God does.

He gives you his Word: As for me, my way is perfect. Anyone who puts his trust in me will never be disappointed. [2 Samuel 22:31, Isaiah 49:23]

Excerpt from You Are Made For More!