One of my life Scriptures is Psalm 25:3 and it says that he who trusts in the Lord will never be disappointed. I have experienced this again and again in my life. No matter what I have gone through—a divorce, infertility, and even a mail bomb explosion—God has been faithful to bring me out and restore my life in ways I couldn’t have imagine! So I encourage you to TRUST God in the situations you are in today.

What does it mean to trust God? Let me give you a mental picture using the word TRUST as an acronym that I believe will help you.

T = Test
R = Rest
U = Uproot
S = Stand
T = Timing

In the trial, remember that this is a TEST of your faith. God is not mad at you or ignoring you, but your faith is being tested. You CAN pass this test!

Trust and REST go hand in hand. When you put your total trust in God, you will not be upset, frazzled, and stressed out. You know that God is working on your behalf and bringing you out in victory.

Be sure to UPROOT the lies of Satan and replace those negative thoughts with God’s powerful thoughts from the Bible. The Word of God is His will for you life. You must control your thoughts or your thoughts will control you. Make you thoughts obedient to God’s Word.

STAND firm in this test. Hold your ground. Don’t give up in defeat because that is not an option with God. You are made for victory!

The TIMING belongs to God. The Bible says that our times are actually in His hands. Trust His timing. Do all you know to do, but don’t take matters into your own hands out of frustration. God’s results are always better than ours. TRUST your Heavenly Father today!