I was thinking of how Kevin and I first held our newborn twin girls in the hospital nursery when they were only one day old. One of the nurses on duty that day told us a precious story that I will always remember.

The nurse said right after birth, it didn’t seem that Caroline could be comforted. The nurses fed her, held her, and cared for her, but when they placed her in the incubator, she would cry. Continually. What on earth could be wrong? She was getting food. Her diaper was clean. She was warm and safe.

Finally, it dawned on this nurse what was wrong. Against hospital policy, the nurse placed Caroline with Catherine in her incubator so they could be together. Caroline never cried again. In fact, the girls locked arms and slept peacefully for the next three days.

How we need each other. We were made for relationships. We need people in our lives to lock arms with us, encourage us, and be there for us because we will fail. That’s why it is so important to get involved in a good local church with a pastor who cares for you. We also need to be the type of people who will encourage and support others in their time of need. I encourage you to look for people around you today who need a smile or an encouraging word!