As I was preparing my message yesterday on Developing a Strategic Vision For Your Life #3, this prophecy came forth by the Holy Spirit:

It’s your move! The truth has been set before you — what will YOU do? Choose to remain? Choose to complain? Or choose MY GREATER PLAN? Take a step of faith EVEN TONIGHT — and you will see that I am right! The plans that I have for you are indescribably bright. Don’t focus on the past or on the here and now — don’t even focus on how. For AS you move forward in faith, I will light the way before you and fulfill My plans in you. And the chains that once held you back will be no more — for I am equipping you like never before! Move FAST, MOVE FORWARD, and linger no more. It’s time for My people to arise for the time is short! There’s no time for compromise or sin — no time for delays — for MY SPIRIT IS CALLING YOU to a higher place. Choose Me, choose NOW — for I am releasing you to a place of POWER.