Did you know that 92% of what you fear never happens. WOW! That is a sobering thought. Don’t dare surrender to fear in any area of your life!??In overcoming fear, I encourage you to replace thoughts of worry, anxiety, and fear with prayer. Worry discourages you, but prayer changes things. Remove the words “fear” and “afraid” from your vocabulary. Instead, replace them with “believe” and “know”. “I believe and know that God is helping me!”??Act in faith in spite of the fear you feel. Every person faces fear, but when you step out in faith, God steps out with you! I wouldn’t be preaching today or doing many things if I had given into fear. ?Fear paralyzes you if you allow it to, but faith in God energizes you. Choose to believe God’s thoughts over fearful thoughts from the enemy. You are made for more than living a life of fear! You are made to conquer, win, and be victorious!