If anything gets our focus off our destiny and distracts us from experiencing all God has planned for us, it’s keeping our eyes on someone else. Think of all the people in the Bible who allowed jealousy to cut them off from the blessing of God. The Bible’s chock-full of these folks, and things always go badly for them.

In the very beginning, in that first family, Cain gets jealous of Abel’s offering and ends up killing his brother.22 The first king, Saul, becomes jealous of David’s popularity and winning ways and loses his position and, because he becomes consumed with jealousy, eventually his life.23 Many times jealousy is the fear of being replaced by someone. No one can ever replace you because no one can be you. You are fearfully, uniquely and wonderfully made and put together. If you feel you have been replaced on your job, change your thinking to be grateful about a better job awaiting you. After a divorce, if you’re feeling like you’re replaceable, then plant seeds of hope in your heart for someone greater who appreciates your value and is right around the corner.

Are you starting to see the picture? Jealousy, rivalry, and comparison for that matter, will hold you back and keep you from God’s best. Jealously will distract you with other things, too, because it always leads to unrest, disharmony, rebellion, and selfish ambition.24

Ambition in itself isn’t bad. Ambition can help propel you toward what you’re meant to do. But at the expense of others, selfish ambition keeps you from doing what God encourages: rejoicing with those who rejoice, being glad when others are blessed.

After all, we’re not in a competition. We’re on the same team. What God does for others, he’ll do for you. We’re all meant to do a good thing. Be grateful for that in others, and you’ll find it within yourself too. When you choose to be glad for the dreams of other people, you’ll find there are others out there glad for you.

Excerpt from You Are Made For More!