One time my Dad was going through a hard time in his life. He was battling fear and other things—and he couldn’t seem to get victory.

But God spoke to him through a dream. In this dream my Dad and another man were locked in a small room. The other man tried to open the door, but he couldn’t. He banged on the door and screamed for help, but no one helped him. Finally, he slumped to the floor in defeat.

My Dad was watching all this and he stood up in his dream and said boldly: I will walk out of here in the Name of Jesus! He opened the door without any struggle and walked out!

My Dad woke up and God spoke to him and said: Son, if you are going to win this battle, you must exercise your authority and resist the enemy!

There are 3 ways you can approach any opponent:

  1. You can be PASSIVE. That means you do nothing. You don’t resist. You basically give into to the enemy.
  2. You can be ON THE DEFENSIVE. You’re using all your energy trying to defend and protect yourself—and hoping you won’t die in the meantime! This is not God’s best!
  3. You need to be ON THE OFFENSIVE. You’re ready and prepared. You have studied your opponent and you know your Playbook which is the Bible. You don’t back down to the enemy. You stand your ground and refuse to let Satan steal your blessings, your joy, or your destiny!

Many people submit to Satan and run from him, but James 4:7 tells you to submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from YOU!