You know those places. Things don’t turn out the way we plan. You don’t get that promotion. The loan for buying that house doesn’t go through. The vacation you counted on gets wiped away by too many pressing bills, too much to do, and no left over time or money. The friend you counted on doesn’t call. The one you thought you’d grow old with leaves you for someone younger. No matter how much you work out, that tummy bulge never seems to leave.

Each of us faces such disappointment at one time or another. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by them. You begin to wonder if you’ll ever have the bright future you so deeply desire. You long for some hope, some peace.

In such times of disappointment, confusion, and darkness, I’ve discovered God’s truth can take over and light a way. That’s because God doesn’t waste a single thing in our lives, not the weeds, not the thorns, nor the brambles. Not even the dirt.

You may be thinking: I have prayed and done everything I know to do, but nothing has changed. What’s wrong? Am I doing all of this for nothing?

No, you’re not! The truth is, God takes every heartache, every difficulty, each bad result, and tends it, turns it around just like a farmer tills a field and transforms it all for good, for a plentiful harvest. They key is to keep your trust in God, who is not limited by your circumstances or inabilities.

That means the jobless one finds work after a year of unemployment.

The insurance covers the expense to repair your wrecked car.

The physical therapy helps you stand on that broken ankle once more.

The barren find fullness.

Only a few of these things come about in the way we expect.

That’s why getting to the places of not only hope, but hope realized requires a journey. On a journey, you take one step at a time. These steps get you through the fields of disappointment to the mountaintops God means for you to reach. Each step will give you a greater understanding of your destiny too.

Recognize today that God is at work in your life and he has kept you from more trouble and harm than you will ever know. Trust that he is good and that he will carry you through any difficulty you may face.

Excerpt from You Are Made For More!