One day, years ago when I was working in the office at the church, a man on our staff brought in his teenage son to see my dad. This father was so mad at his son for something the young man had done wrong. The father expected my dad to straighten out the son in no uncertain terms.

My dad listened to the father’s grievance and boy’s actions, then asked the son to step outside a moment while he spoke to his father.

My dad turned to the boy’s father and gently smiled. “Don’t be so hard on your son,” he said. He’s a teenager. Why don’t you just show him mercy? Why don’t you give him another chance?”

That teenager never forgot what my dad did. Neither have I. My dad showed mercy because he had a great example: God is a God of mercy.

We forget too much of the time. But the truth is, God is near to us and knows how we feel. He isn’t judgmental. He is understanding and compassionate, slow to anger, and rich in love.

Excerpt from You Are Made For More!