To grasp God’s victorious right hand, though, we must first get a grip on how fear works. Five facts about fear gave me that grasp:

1. Fear begins with a thought

Fear enters with just one idea, one feeling. Whatever we think on repeatedly becomes a part of us. I’m sure you’ve heard the proverb, ” As he thinks in his heart, so he is.” It’s so true. If you allow them, fearful thoughts will control how you act.

2. Fear torments your mind

You will notice that fear always paints the worst picture in your mind, a picture of hopelessness and defeat.

3. Fear is the opposite of faith

Fear brings chaos, but faith gives you peace. Where fear wants you to believe in the negative, faith helps you know the positive. Fear is always connected with negative and bad things.

4. Fear breeds bad company

Fear brings companions, and they are a bad crowd. Worry and anxiety come hand in hand with fear, and they will surround you with two more bad friends: doubt and unbelief.

5. Either you will control fear or fear will control you

We have to ask ourselves: Do I want to be controlled by fear or by God’s peace? Fear is very aggressive, so you must be aggressive in resisting it and acting against it.

Deciding to reject fear is a first step to victory, an essential step. You have to claim that choice and resolve in your heart to believe in God’s promise: You are made for more than living a life crippled by fear and unable to fulfill your destiny. Then you need to make that choice again. And again. It is a process, steps on the journey of faith.

Excerpt from You Are Made For More!