One of the most valuable lessons I learned after my divorce was that true fulfillment can never be in one person. I felt like I could not live without my ex-husband because he was my world at that time. Even before marrying Kevin, who I love with all my heart, I realized one person cannot be my whole world.

People will always disappoint you. They will hurt you or let you down, even when they’ve taken a vow to love you forever, whether there is a divorce or not. I know people who are single and desperate to get married. I also know people who are married and wish they were not.

There is only one Being with the ability to meet all of your needs and that is God. Are you on intimate terms with Him? How much time do you spend with Him? How deeply do you know Him?

No matter where we are, or what relationship we are in, God must become our anchor because relationships and circumstances can shake us and threaten to sink us from time to time.

I often think about the story in John, chapter 4, the woman at the well that Jesus met on his trip to Samaria. She had gone through five marriages and was working on man number six when she met Jesus. She tried to fill the void in her life with relationships, only to fail again and again.

After she encountered Jesus, however, she left His presence a different person. She declared, “Come see the Man that is the Christ” (John 4:28-29). This woman experienced the only man who could truly fill the missing void in her life.

When you find yourself lonely, you must know that you are never alone. Morning, noon, and night, God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are available to you. There were many nights I lay awake in bed wishing it were morning. But when morning came, I wished it were night again. I wanted to hide in bed and not face the day. I learned in those days to talk to God 24/7 and He was always there for me.

You may not feel God is listening at times. But He hears you. Lovingly, He is working out things for your benefit.

Excerpt from You Are Made For More!