The natural question, of course, is how? After a mistake, how do you continue on toward good things? What should we do when we fail?

I’ve heard it said that strong people make as many mistakes as weak people. The difference is that strong people admit their mistakes and learn from them. That is how they become strong. You can try to hide behind a façade of perfection, but you will never live up to it.

Adam and Eve tried to hide their wrongdoing from God because they were embarrassed and ashamed. Isn’t that funny? No one can hide from God—He is all-knowing and all-seeing.

Even though Adam and Eve tried to hide, God still pursued them because He loved them in spite of their failure. There were consequences to their failure, but those consequences didn’t change the way God felt about them.

Some people think God is mad at them when they sin, but that idea couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is God loves you and is pursuing you. If anything, when we sin, He grieves because sin is what separates us from Him—and that is because God cannot sin. He is pure goodness. He wants to be in a relationship with us. He doesn’t want our mistakes to get in the way.

As our family’s friend Israel Houghton says, “God is not mad at you. He is madly in love with you!”

Excerpt from You Are Made For More!