What are you waiting for? The economy to get better? To win the lottery? To get a big break?

Maybe you need to make a move. If you do nothing, then you get no results. If you step out in faith, though, God goes with you—and in a powerful way.

A powerful story about four lepers shows us this. Their city of Samaria had been taken captive by their enemies, and on top of that they were in a severe famine. Things were so bad that people lost all hope. But these four men decided to make a move. They decided to do something.

They could have resigned themselves to their circumstances and said, Woe is us. We are sick. We are considered unclean. What could we possibly do about this situation? Instead they determined, Why should we sit here until we die? Let’s do something lest we do nothing at all.

They snuck into the enemy’s camp to get some food and when they arrived, to their amazement, no one was in the camp! The spoils were just . . . sitting there.

As these men were walking toward the camp, God was with them. God caused the enemy to hear what sounded like an army marching upon them. So when the encampment heard the sound of chariots and horses, they were seized with panic and fled for their lives. They left everything, which these four men from Samaria found. The foursome walked right into their enemy’s city and began to eat the food and carry away the spoil.

Only the foursome was really a band of five. For their great victory was with God.

Had the four men done nothing, had they chosen to buy into all the negativity of the labels that other people put on them—LEPERS, UNCLEAN, UNWORTHY, UNTOUCHABLE—they would have died with the rest of the city. Instead, they reached out for their destiny. They believed God would be with them, and he was. They marched toward the enemy’s camp and God made the sound of their steps mighty. He scared away the enemy with each step of faith these men made.

So it is with us. You must do something, otherwise you do nothing. Why should you sit in defeat with everyone else when God has a destiny for you to fulfill? Tell yourself: I have been in the famine too long. I have been in captivity too long. It’s time for a march of faith! When you move away from others’ limits, God will move. If you make a move in faith and it’s not the right move, God will show you. But keep doing something and watch what God will do.

Excerpt from You Are Made For More!