I’m blessed to drive a wonderful car, my dad’s twelve-year-old Lexus. After he died in 1999, the family decided I should use his car and it has been a gift. I drove the car for eight years, though, before I discovered by accident two features that I never knew existed! I learned I could use the key remote to roll down the windows, and that there was a button to adjust the headrests. Can you believe it? I had been adjusting the headrests manually, and it’s a wonder that I hadn’t broken them because they didn’t adjust without a struggle. If I had just read the manual, I could have enjoyed these features all those years.

That is just like what happens with us. We sometimes miss that God has completely equipped us for our purpose in life. He has fully empowered us for our destiny. But we forget to read our manual, the Bible. We miss that he has wired us for more than we realized. We get stuck believing that we lack something. Or we think we’re limited and unable because others don’t approve of us or appreciate us.

God says: No. I made you for more so that you can run your race. You’re not unable. I made you complete for what you need to do and be. I made you the best for your unique destiny. You’re my top of the line model. 1

We’re each a Lexus, but why do we believe we are a lemon? Today I want you to begin to see yourself fully equipped and able to fulfill your destiny.

You are what I like to call a Triple A person:



And Approved.

God has already appointed you, anointed you, and approved of you to do great things, to make a difference in your world. How much the world and God—and our very selves!—miss, though, when we fail to fuel up on his promises of this.

Excerpt from You Are Made For More!