When my Mother was diagnosed with liver cancer in 1981, we had to face the fact that she was going to die without a miracle. We would have gotten her any treatment that she needed–but they didn’t have anything for her. We could have just stopped and allowed ourselves to be overwhelmed by the facts. But instead, we shifted into the faith gear. Against all hope my Mother in hope believed and so put her faith in God and He completely healed her.


Faith is not denying the facts. It is not mind over matter. Faith is trusting God in spite of the facts-to do what only He can do. The Bible says Without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith produces results. Faith produces the promise. I Timothy 1:18 calls it the good fight of faith–when we have to hold tightly to the Word of God. And it’s called the good fight of faith because we win! We always come out on top! When you can’t-believe that God can. The bottom line-don’t quit until you win!