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The Holy Spirit is Your Best Friend

The Holy Spirit is Your Best Friend

When you feel lost, alone, or in need do you find yourself thinking, “I just wish someone were here with me,” or asking, “Does anybody even care?” If that’s you then I have good news for you! You are not alone and there is someone who cares for you more than anyone...

How the Holy Spirit Leads Us

To be led by the Spirit means that you pay attention to and listen to your spirit, where the Holy Spirit dwells. You TUNE IN to His voice and leading—and you also seek His direction and leading. In this message, Lisa gives you several ways you can recognize the...

The Holy Spirit: Your Constant Companion

There are some things only the Holy Spirit can do in our lives. We can’t force things to work out. We can’t force people to change. But, we can depend on the Holy Spirit to help us and move on our behalf. It’s by the Holy Spirit that you will accomplish what God has...